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Holiday TEEN Scavenger Hunt  for Charity

TEENs Working Together for Community Causes

The HH Holiday TEEN Scavenger Hunt for Charity hosted by Hopefull Handbags!

Cathlene, founder of Hopefull Handbags knows that we all thrive no matter what your age in a community that is motivating, uplifting and supportive. This allows us to be the best version of ourselves.  Hopefull Handbags loves to inspire and believes in collaboration over competition. That is why we incorporate healthy Self Perception practices, Collaboration, Problem Solving and giving to the community in our TEEN events.

TEENs are able to experience the benefits and positivity of working together for a common goal, taking other ideas into consideration and realizing that sometimes looking at things from a different perspective will change everything for the better within themselves and their surroundings., Inspiration, Motivation, and Hope.

We are who we surround ourselves with. Sometimes it just takes that one smile from a stranger or a friend, or that one word that makes us look at everything differently. Hopefull Handbags is here for those very things.

The Teens will be working in teams to solve the Holiday Riddles and finding that particular item within their given boundaries. They take selfies with a team phone of that item and send it back to home base.  Then another clue is sent. The TEENs have a blast!


The first Team to solve all of the riddles and take pictures wins! The winning team chooses a local charity of their choice to donate their winnings. The Winning Money Pot is donated by Hopefull Handbags and Local Businesses. Hopefull Handbags fosters the importance of collaboration and working together as well as making a positive impact in the lives of others.  The TEEN Scavenger Hunt does that in a fun mind provoking way. “



That was such an amazing experience, I can not wait for next years TEEN Scavenger Hunt for Charity”, - S.T. local TEEN.